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Surgery (from the Greek: cheirourgikē meaning ’’hand’’ and ’’work’’) is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the study and treatment of diseases that must be treated with the hand of the surgeon and the use of mechanical means (instruments).

Surgery is an exact medical branch that cures many diseases and conditions in situations where other medical procedures have been exhausted. Surgical interventions are often the only way to definitively resolve the condition, and the responsibility of the surgeon to perform the procedure is extremely high.

Invita surgical practice was established to provide maximum comfort to its patients in a pleasant ambience, and at the same time  medical checkups and interventions to solve the surgical problem. We have created the conditions in which we can successfully perform a large number of surgical procedures in the local anesthesia or analgesia.

Surgeries that require general anesthesia are performed by the Invita team of surgeons in renowned surgical clinics in Belgrade. In this way, our patient receives a complete service, from the first checkup, the necessary diagnostics, the necessary surgical interventions and regular check-ups to the end of the treatment.

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