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It usually occurs when a part of the soft tissue or part of the intestine penetrates through some of the weak spots in the abdomen. This phenomenon is manifested on the body as a small bulge in a certain place. The hernia can be very painful, especially when clinging to or picking up a heavy load and can significantly impair the quality of life if not treated. With the past time it can not disappear, but it has a tendency to increase in size, and the difficulties become more pronounced.



The most common symptoms are tumescences and pain in the hernia area. In an effort, the tumescence increases, and after the end of the effort or in the lying position, the tumescencesubside . If there is an organ in hernia bag, there may be symptoms indicating a disorder of the function of that organ.


Hernia surgery

Surgical intervention is the only way to treat hernia.

The hernia operation is a surgical procedure that helps to resolve the hernia and at the same time strengthens the weak spot of the abdominal wall where the hernia is formed. This intervention is performed in local, spinal or short-term general anesthesia. After the hernia operation, the patient goes home the same day or the next day.

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